Hi I'm Emerald. I love my friends. They're absolutely great. I work as a merch girl for All Time Low as of recently. My best friend is Ava. I love her to pieces. I have a best friend named Lisa she's also basically my mommy I have a wonderful friend Racheeeel I also have a Lexi who I call my older brother. As well as a Kaden I have wonderful other best friends too but I'm lazy so I'll just make them their own page. These are my best friends. I also have a Kenny. He's my cutie. :D Stuff I think is pretty. Shit that I want Have some extremely cute stuff. I like fruit (I'm also a vegetarian.) and icing and writing music. Oh! And I like Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter. Just don't talk about Barney, he's a creepy ass pedophiliac dinosaur. Ooo and you can call me Emerald, Emmy, Eme, Em, Emy, and well yeah. :) [[RP blog for .Name In Lights RPG. :)]] ARRENTION NAME IN LIGHTS CREEPERS. You are not following the correct blog if you're following this one. Tired of saying that. Go follow the right one..
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